Persist by Grace

A jaded heart,holds endless fears,breaks dreams apart,swallows scared tears A weary mind,could hardly trust,great doubts assigned,dreams turn to rust. A worn out view,shackles pure faith,days become blue,smudged thoughts debate. A clear outlook,may change a life,removes large hooks,that carry strife. A change of pace,positive comes,concerns erase,confidence drums. A new insight,enhances scope,carries bright light,offers real hope. – […]


🌧The Rain🌧

This is the translation for my last poem, “Baarish”.. Hope you all will enjoy🤗

How beautiful is the rain
Pitter patter pitter patter it came
And along brought this beautiful weather
Which touched my heart like a feather
brought me closer to the destination
Gave a peace of mind and
quenched the thirst of the thirsty
Brought the seeds of new imagination
And eventually made me write this poem

rim jhim rim jhim came the rain
And vanished all the pain
Touched my heart in such a way
Gave the motivation to go out and play
explained beauty of the nature
Brought along the sweet smell of soil
which was refreshing
filling my heart with joy
and giving life a new direction
Showing nature's perfection
Pitter patter it came
The feeling is always the same.



Today I am in a very good mood as it is raining outside and the weather is absolutely lovely..

Soo I wanna share a poem on the same.. But this time it’s something unexpected cause it’s in my mother tongue aka hindi.. Soo I hope those who are familiar with the language will like it🤗!!

रिम झिम रिम झिम बारिश आई
सुहाना मौसम साथ ले आई
धीरे धीरे मन को भाई
मंझिल के और करीब ले आई
मन को एक शांति सी दिखलाई
प्यासों की प्यास बुझाई
नवीन कल्पना के अंकुर ले आई
मुझसे ये कविता लिखवाई

रिम झिम रिम झिम बारिश आई
सुहाना मौसम साथ ले आई
मन को ऐसे भाई
की बहार जाने की प्रेरणा दिखाई
प्रकृति की सुन्दरता समझाई
वो सौंदी मिट्टी की खुशबू लाइ
जिसको सुन्घकर ताज्गी आई
मन को खुशी से भर गई
और जिंदगी को नई दिशा दिखाई
रिम झिम रिम झिम बारिश आई


The World

The day you forget the fake people around you
I bet you will succeed
No matter what the obstacle would be
You will overcome it with ease
Many dont see the effort you put
But focus on the output
If you lose people will say
Working hard is what you should choose
Which is actually true
Alas! Even if you succeed
You will hear that the task was easy
This is the Irony of the world
That we need not learn
Stay unique and caring
No matter how the world outside yearns
Know your true self and what you really want
There will be times when the world will misguide you
But you need not turn.
Always follow your heart and see where destiny leads you..
Listen to others carefully but not blindly
And live for your life with the ones who really care for it!!


Colors in life

Colors colors everywhere
Wherever our eyes can see
Nothing in this world is black and white
Until we want it to be
Colours are so bright
It just depends on your sight
Optimism is so powerful
That helps us see the colours of life
No matter how tough our journey is
Never lose hope
Always know that even in the grimmest times
A ray of light always shines
Colors colors everywhere
Just depends on how you prepare
So prepare yourself for the best
And see the vibrance of your path ahead!!



Today I read a beautiful poem and wanted to share it with you all! Hope you all will like it! 🤗

Birds are singing round my window,
Tunes the sweetest ever heard,
And I hang my cage there daily,
But I never catch a bird.
So with thoughts my brain is peopled, And they sing there all day long:
But they will not fold their pinions In the little cage of Song!

     By Richard Henry Stoddard